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Blue Planet Club
This group is an alliance of individuals and groups with an interest in alternatives to Business-As-Usual governance. We are the Blue Planet Club for blue planet global governance. The consensus view is that the BAU economic and political system is 'not remotely sustainable', and now is the time to propose alternatives and make them so. We need to transition from evermore 'fine words' or 'mere eloquence' to doing a 'stand and deliver' thing to pass on a more viable system to posterity. * "There is no salvation for civilization, or even the human race, other than by the creation of a world government." —Albert Einstein * "Every subject of worldwide importance—each question upon which the life and death of humanity depends—involves science, and people are not going to be able to exercise their democratic right to direct government policy...." —Isaac Asimov
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  • Blue Planet Groups
    This is a subgroup of the Blue Planet Club limited to existing groups, e.g. NGOs. Representatives should join and post an intro message about the group and what it seeks to do for the pale blue dot we live on.
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  • Doing Face-time
    This group has more to do with social (Calhounian) than biophysical (Malthusian) concerns, but all is interconnected, interrelated, and entangled such that boundaries (e.g. social/biophysical) are as penciled in. We are such stuff as our dysfunctions are made on and we will not pass through the coming bottleneck without loosing at least some of our pathologies, both individual and collective. Our coming transition could be the death of us as a species or select for our evolving into a memetic species that comes to understand and learns to live properly with the planet. The near future, the coming millennium, century, or perhaps decade will tell the tale. The next decade could be the most critical in humanity's sojourn on Earth, the best possible, the most privileged time to be alive. The face-time online is as enabled by Zoom. *The 'rules of the game' at a Zoom face-time:* 1. If there is an empty place, 8 maximum, you will be admitted. 2. When your turn is offered, speak (or pass). 3. Others may speak only to the person in possession of the pulpit seat. 4. You may leave  the circle of the concerned at any time. 5. Nature has all the answers, so what is your question? 6. You may just listen to those who endeavor to listen to Nature. 7. The topic is always the same: What has been concerning you lately? 8. No one knows any true stories, at best we iterate towards telling likely stories
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  • Naturocracy Alliance
    Rule by Nature's laws. Nature, the nature of things, determines what works. Listen to Nature who has all the answers. Humans may be obedient to the nature of things or go extinct. Freedom is the recognition of necessity (e.g. to live within limits). As for what works to live long and prosper as a species as the millennia go by, species (e.g. humans, Homo narrator ) don't get a vote. 'Understand or die.' Understand the planet, the world system and learn to live with it properly. Or not. This is an online think-tank similar to the Technical Alliance that formed in 1919, disbanded during the Roaring Twenties, and was reformed at the instigation of M. King Hubbert in 1931 to become Technocracy Inc.
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