Re: So happy to see the ethics of this club

Don Chisholm

Great to have you on board Karen. 
I think I sent you a response from the BPC page, but I'm just getting started at this. 
The technical end of things has been set up by Eric Lee.

On 2020-12-19 8:18 a.m., KAREN SHRAGG via wrote:
When I read the Blue Planet Club's ideas I felt like I was reading the next version of my two books, The first ( Move Upstream: A Call to Solve Overpopulaiton) The second, (Change Our Stories Change Our World.). The modeling of BPC moves these ideas even further upstream to demonstrate that another way of living on our planet is possible and IMPOSSIBLE if we do not change. I have always felt like an Earth Citizen trapped in a downstream narrative of blue and red states wondering when we would realize that the biosphere is ailing and needing our immediate attention at the highest thank you for this amazing and needed effort.

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